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Here at Dearnsdale Fruit there is an opportunity for hard working, high performing individuals to grow and develop into supervisory and specialist roles within the business for those who wish to do so.Opportunities for personal development include training courses for farm machinery (telescopic, counterbalance and spray operative qualifications); food safety & hygiene; fire marshal; and bus and HGV driving qualifications.

Locations of work:


Where we sort the fruit to the specifications of our customer into a finished product matching their requirements. Fruit is added to a punnet, labelled, and then placed in a crate ready for despatch. Our 3 production lines operate to strict food safety and quality standards (HACCP).

Job roles within the operation with examples of tasks responsible for:


Scale operative – sorting, weighing the fruit.

Label operative – operating the 2-3 label applicators applying labels to the sealed and weighed punnets full of fruit, checking the correct label has been applied, and collecting the finished product at the end of the conveyor.

Forklift operative – unloading freshly picked fruit, unloading deliveries, loading the finished product, ready for despatch, and completing any necessary paperwork.

Cold store operative –stock control, delivering fruit to the production area, and transferring the finished product to the cold store or out-loading bay / collection point ready for dispatch.

Quality Controller – assessing the quality of the product, ensuring all paper work is completed per dispatch (to cover traceability of the product from point of harvest to dispatch), checking the scale operative is sorting and weighing correctly, completing daily and weekly quality assurance checks.

Line Supervisor – managing a production line, delegating work, and motivating individuals.


Where fruit is cultivated. The UK harvest season usually starts in May and continues until October/late November – weather and crop permitting. However field work starts in late January / early February when the fruit is planted.

Harvester – whilst the majority of the role is picking fruit, other tasks (weeding, pulling plastic from fields etc.…) may also be available.

Planter – planting fruit plants.

Field Quality Controllers/Supervisors – managing harvesters checking the fruit is picked in accordance to quality standards required, and training new harvesters.

Tractor driver – driving the farms vehicles transporting merchandise to and from the farm as required.

Irrigation operative – reviewing the water usage on the farm (maintaining the efficient usage of natural water resources with pumps, trickle, overhead irrigation systems), and maintaining feed ratios.

Tunnel Construction – using farm machinery (e.g. JCB tractor loader) to move hoops, y shaped legs (posts) to create tunnels to shelter the strawberry/raspberry plants from weather conditions to increase yield.

Bus Driver – the transportation staff to and from the place of work and for the weekly grocery shopping at the local town Stafford.

Lorry Driver – Responsible for the delivering finished packed fruit, and collecting any sundries required for the farm.

Logistics – Delegates work to the lorry driver and ensuring all paperwork, documentation relevant to despatch and collection are completed correctly.

Caravan Site


Welfare Officer – checking caravans, providing assistance to staff during and outside working hours.

Fire Marshal and First Aid – Fire Marshal duties would be responsible to assist in the scheduled routine and non- scheduled fire drills on site. Aiding in the evacuation of staff from living accommodation and work place to the designated assembly points. Whilst, having the ability to assist in conducting a fire risk assessment, reporting any observations of fire adverse issues on site and maintaining up to date records with observations relayed to management. Whereas, a first aider is the first point of call on emergency and non- emergency medical assistance as required.


Having spent 30 plus years of my working life in Accountancy, I came to Dearnsdale Farm to be involved primarily in the Payroll function.
T W Busby, now Dearnsdale Fruit, being a family run business, with every member of the family being involved and very much leading from the front.

In the 8 years I have worked on the farm I have seen tremendous growth, not only in the production of the finest soft fruits, also the investment, into building a great Management Working Team, who endeavour to make better working and living environment for the employees, many of which return yearly.

For employees who show good work ethics there are opportunities for them to create a good career on the farm.

I am very lucky to say I DO enjoy working on Dearnsdale Farm, feel part of a great team.
I also look forward to watching the business continue to develop and grow.

Janet Evans

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