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We grow and pick.

You eat and enjoy.

About us

We are a family of dedicated soft fruit farmers in the Staffordshire countryside, who use state-of-the-art technology to sustainably grow, pick, pack and distribute world-class berries to UK and international supermarkets.



We grow, we pick…

We grow and pick a carefully considered mix of strawberry and raspberry varieties to ensure our customers always enjoy our high-quality and tasty berries.

We are proud to grow our fruit side by side with nature, so we are continually evolving our sustainable processes to ensure we are working in harmony with the eco-system to reduce our impact and keep our wildlife happy. 

We taste, we pack…

We taste, check and pack our own berries – as well as fruit imported from other like-minded growers – in our first-class facilities. Our punnets leave the farm supermarket-ready, transported to distribution debots across the UK, Europe and beyond.

We run our farm from the heart of the UK, which means we are uniquely located to both bridge the gap in production between the North and South, and to easily distribute our fruit to many regions. 


We deliver, you eat…

With our team of dedicated core staff, joined by our 1000+ strong international seasonal workforce coming to spend an extended summer with us, we deliver around 5000 tons of superb soft fruit for the general public to eat and enjoy.

We see our team of employees as an extended family, and we all work together to maintain the productivity of the farm, whilst we ensure every member of our team is well cared for.

As custodians of the land at Dearnsdale since the 1800s, our family has provided soft fruit to the UK people for more than 40 years. We are constantly refining our techniques by learning from past generations as well as embracing innovative technologies to help us in ever more efficient and sustainable production of world-class British berries. 

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