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We embrace innovative technologies across our production chain to help us in ever more efficient and sustainable production of our world-class British berries.


Our packhouse is BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited. 

Using state-of-the-art technology we continually evolve our packhouse services to meet customer demand, and maintain our quality through food safety, product packing, despatch and delivery.

These are some of the technologies and practices currently in use and under regular review to improve our operational activities:

  • GT2 and GT4 Proseal heat sealing machines

  • Checkweighers for all production lines

  • Introduction of metal detectors


  • Reduction of packhouse operatives where necessary through technology


  • Cold storage capacity of 1150 pallets which includes our newly build 640m3 outloading coldstore with 3 loading bays


  • Loading facilities improved to reduce movement of sealed products ready for despatch


  • Raw produce movement kept to a minimum through the layout of the packhouse


  • Software introduced to streamline services.

In the fields

In the fields we use the latest innovations to help us grow and harvest our berries. Here are some practices we currently employ and continually assess to improve efficiency:


  • Automated radio-controlled irrigation systems – all our systems are digitally controlled for precision application to what the crops require. We’ve also introduced a misting system which cools crops based on the current humidity of the atmosphere. 

  • French and Spanish tunnel construction – this extends the fruit season and increases productivity by protecting our crops from the variable UK weather patterns

  • Variety trials – we work with a number of breeding houses to find new high quality berries, so that we fulfill customer requirements

  • Table top production systems (introduced in 2011) help our productivity and efficiency for harvest

  • Use of software programmes to record and review best practice

  • Raspberry longcane production – this offers flexibility and even supply of produce throughout the harvesting season.

In the fields

Over Winter Storage Reservoir Project

For Dearnsdale Fruit

Construction of a 50,000m3 reservoir for over winter water storage.

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development


The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:

Europe investing in rural areas

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