​We grow our fruit side by side with nature. Therefore it is vital we continually improve and review our practices to ensure we are working in harmony with the eco-system to reduce our impact both locally and globally.

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These are some of the sustainable processes we currently implement and regularly review on the farm:


  • ​Bees – we work with local beekeepers to introduce bees and have our own hives on site to help pollinate crops

  • Berry varieties – we choose soft fruit varieties for disease resistance so we can reduce our pesticide usage

  • Biological methods – our introduction of biological predators enhances nature’s combat and further reduces our use of pesticides

  • Carbon footprint – we undertake an annual audit of our carbon usage

  • Energy efficient heating – we use heat transfer from our coldstores to power laundry and shower facilities for staff

  • Environment and Conservation consultants – we work closely with consultants for advice on best practise in conservation of flora and fauna on our farm

  • Flood defences and collection points – we collect water from our farm buildings and recycle water from irrigation


  • Irrigation – our computerised-monitoring systems use the minimum amount of water, only feeding our berries when required

  • Recycling – we recycle our cardboard and farm waste where possible

  • Sensor-operated technology – we have installed taps in the packhouse and lighting around the farm which is sensor-operated to reduce water and electricity usage

  • Soil erosion reduction – we utilise tabletop production systems and drainage to minimise impact on the soil

  • Solar panels – we have installed solar technology to generate electricity and reduce consumption in the packhouse and farm operations

  • Waste reduction – we reduce our produce waste by searching for alternative uses such as selling waste to third parties.